Review: Ava’s Possessions (2015) – or – Satan’s 12 steps

Ava's Possessions reviewI often wonder what happens after the credits roll on a film. The hero saved the day, but what becomes of those characters afterwards? Ava’s Possessions is exactly that film, except here we get to see how people deal with being possessed, and all the questions it leaves them with.

Louisa Krause stars as Ava, a young woman who just spent a month being possessed by a demon. Once an exorcism is performed and she’s mostly back to normal, she’s left with all kinds of questions about what she did during that time, and a pile of lawsuits for her behaviour. To avoid going to jail, her lawyer suggests she join a Spirit Possession Anonymous support group, but that only leads to bigger problems for Ava. She needs to deal with the people she has wronged while being possessed, and the more she does that, the more she wonders what exactly happened to her. Her family is acting strangely, there’s a huge bloodstain under her rug, and she finds a man’s watch in her couch. How are all these things connected, and just how did Ava wind up getting possessed in the first place?

You never really get to see what happens after a movie ends. Even if a sequel shows up, it usually just glances over the time that has passed. I find a special joy when a movie ends with the text crawl explaining what became of the people in the film after everything we’ve just watched, so Ava’s Possessions is exactly like that, but with us being able to watch it all.

That alone is enough to sit down to this movie, but when you add in the hilarious performances and the screwed up mystery of what happened while Ava was possessed, you’ve got a great horror comedy. The gore is quite low here, limited mostly to make-up on possessed people, but the film isn’t trying to be the next gross-out horror hit. Ava’s Possessions is more concerned with providing viewers an entertaining watch that relies on laughs more than violence.

Krause is great as the unimpressed Ava. Being possessed was more of a month long nuisance than anything else, and it seems to be a pleasant experience compared to dealing with her family, who use this event as a reason to complain about her life even more. Her parents seem to think the possession was the result of how she lives, but Ava isn’t convinced of that. Her attitude towards the entire thing is what makes much of the film funny, as if we’ve all had to deal with a possession before. They treat it like alcoholism or drug addiction, even getting her out to support groups where they train you to overcome your demons, literally.

The group, led by Tony (Wass Stevens), gets members to wear a necklace that invites the demon back. If you can take the necklace off and get rid of the demon by yourself, you’ve passed and will be able to fight back if it ever happens again. Ava befriends Hazel (Annabelle Dexter-Jones) in the group. Hazel didn’t really mind being possessed, and she’s hoping to get her demon to return to her because it’s the best she’s felt in years. Together, Hazel and Ava wind up dabbling in black magic, as well as slowly revealing what happened during Ava’s possession and the events that possibly led to it happening in the first place.

If you’re anything like me, and are always wondering how characters get back to normal life after the fantastic adventures they typically have in films, Ava’s Possessions is going to be perfect for you.

Is Ava’s Possessions Worth Watching?

Since it’s a story we so rarely see, and is a very different take on the possession genre, you won’t want to miss this one. It’s tons of fun and throws in just enough strange horror for fans of the genre.

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