The burden of immortality: Henry Rollins on He Never Died

The burden of immortality: Henry Rollins on He Never DiedWhile most known for his musical work in bands like Black Flag and Rollins Band, Henry Rollins has built an impressive resume of acting credits. His latest role, as the immortal Jack in He Never Died, is easily one of his best. With an incredible amount of research, Rollins builds an outstanding character with Jack, an immortal who is tired of living. When his daughter arrives at his apartment and is then kidnapped, Jack must finally do something for someone other than himself.

The role is filled with a fantastic subtlety, and when I had the chance to speak with Rollins about the film, I couldn’t resist. He shared some of the insane back story that was built for the character, which only makes the film even more interesting to watch, and proved to be very humble as he spoke about the works that he has created and how he approaches new opportunities. If you haven’t seen He Never Died, there are some spoilers in our over an hour long talk, but it takes away nothing from the film or the role. In fact, after our chat, I’m looking forward to watching the film again.

This interview was conducted on behalf of Toronto Film Scene and you can read an edited version of this interview right here.

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