Toronto After Dark 2014: First 10 films announced – Part 2

Toronto After Dark 2014 - First 10 films announcedThe Film Reel continues looking at the first 10 films announced for the 2014 Toronto After Dark Film Festival (you can find Part 1 right here). We’ve already seen werewolves, Nazi zombies, some time traveling, a monster under the bed, and Stephen McHattie in hell, so lets see what the rest of the films have in store for us. The final 9 films have also been announced for the festival, and you can find those RIGHT HERE.


There is a lot about this one that intrigues me. You’ve got Elijah Wood, who was fantastic in the remake of Maniac. You’ve got Sasha Grey, who is not somebody I would imagine in anything. Finally, you’ve got Nacho Vigalondo, the director of Timecrimes, which was an incredibly smart film. The concept is way too familiar, but it’s the execution that excites me. Expect this one to turn out a lot better than that trailer suggests.


It’s just not going to get more ridiculous than this one, and that’s fine with me. I’ve been patiently waiting to see Zombeavers since the moment I heard about it, and the wait is almost over. It shouldn’t be hard to make an entertaining B grade kind of movie when you have zombie beavers.


And the award for best moment in a trailer goes to John Waters. There’s a bit of a comedic Odd Thomas feeling here, which is fine if it all pays off. Comedy has never really been my favourite genre. Mix it with horror, and it becomes a little more appealing. There’s a great cast, and director Richard Bates Jr. already has a great track record with Excision, so this one should turn out well.


Here’s a trailer that seems to say very little, and so much all at the same time. The concept looks great, but it will work out even better depending on how deeply they explore the idea of destiny, and altering the future.


You don’t even have to watch this trailer to know that this will be a winner. With 26 short films packed into one movie, you’re bound to find plenty to enjoy. If something doesn’t work, it moves on very quickly, and you’ve got another shot at finding some gruesome fun. The trailer is incredibly bloody, and very gross, which is exactly how this film will turn out. The first ABCs of Death was fun, and I can’t imagine that this next installment will be any different.

There you have it, the first 10 films announced for the 2014 Toronto After Dark Film Festival. It’s a pretty strong bunch of films, with quite a few that I’m eager to see. If the second batch of films even comes close to this one, this may turn out to be the best TAD festival yet. Check out the other films that were announced in Part 1 RIGHT HERE and you can see the final 9 films that were announced for the festival RIGHT HERE.

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