Hot Docs Review: Sleepless in New York (2014) – or – Heartbreak on film

Sleepless in New York reviewNothing feels the same as being in love, but that’s an idea we’re used to. How about the feeling of losing that love? This is something that we’ve all been through, and director Christian Frei is taking a much deeper look in his documentary, Sleepless in New York. Tracing three stories of heartbreak, Frei gives viewers an up close look at people coping with loss, while anthropologist Dr. Helen Fisher shows us how the brain works in fascinating ways during this process.

We may expect a look at love to be poetic, but Sleepless in New York turns the tables, giving us that same poetry, on a subject that many of us would rather avoid. This is actually one of the surprising things about the film. Things begin in a rather dry way, as Dr. Fisher looks for people who have recently lost their love, in order to look at how their brains work during this time. The results aren’t what you expect, as it seems love increases after a break, and it can even be comparable to tooth pain.

After these early looks at the science behind rejection, the film focuses more on its subjects, allowing them to speak about their pain, and how they’re trying to cope with it. Here’s where the beauty comes out, even in a rather sad topic like heartbreak, and we’re witness to the intimate details.

Is Sleepless in New York Worth Watching?

Absolutely. Proof that you can find beauty even in the darkest areas. It’s not the depressing look at love you may be imagining, and we’re witness to people coming through these hard times with a fiery, new spirit, and a renewed outlook on life.

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