Hot Docs Review: Doc of the Dead (2014) – or – Fatten your brains

Doc of the Dead reviewDoc of the Dead explores familiar territory, like the evolution of the zombie genre, and how it tends to reflect what’s happening in the world at that moment, as well as the more frightening aspects of actual parasites that could cause a zombie like state. Looking at literature, film, television, the history behind zombies, and even the businesses that have been built on our love of the undead, this documentary covers it all.

If there’s anything that holds Doc of the Dead back from being perfect, it’s that it becomes impossible to explore every avenue of the undead. You just can’t fit everything into one film, but director Alexandre O. Philippe does his best to pull it off.

Things begin in the usual place, looking at how zombies have changed in film over the years. This includes plenty of time spent with George Romero, certainly one of the most important names in the zombie genre. Once this more known area is covered, the film starts to explore the less widely looked at aspects of zombies.

From the survivalists who are prepared for zombie invasions, to the very real parasites that can cause insects to display zombie like behaviour, things start to get really outrageous by the end. There’s something for every zombie fan here, whether you’re new to the genre or not.

Is Doc of the Dead Worth Watching?

It’s difficult to look at the zombie genre and offer something new, but Doc of the Dead manages to do that. Even if you’re a self proclaimed zombie expert, there is bound to be some information here that you’ve never heard of, making this the perfect intellectual lesson in the undead.

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