Banshee Chapter (2013) – or – Shortwave takeover

Banshee Chapter reviewInvestigative journalist Anna (Katia Winter) begins looking into the disappearance of her friend James (Michael McMillian), who vanished after taking a research chemical previously used by the government in mind control experiments. Her research leads her to Thomas Blackburn (Ten Levine), a famous author with plenty of experience in drugs, and who was also in contact with James before he disappeared. After tricking her way into Thomas’ home, Anna witnesses Thomas and his friend take the same research chemical, setting off strange radio transmissions, as well as unleashing something incredibly evil. It all leads to some disturbing secrets buried by the government years before.

Banshee Chapter is the first feature film from director Blair Erickson, and it’s sure to have you jumping out of your seat. Inspired by Project MKULTRA, a government experiment in mind control during the 50s and 60s, the film has an incredibly dark atmosphere to it, but occasionally struggles with an overwhelming number of plot points. Things can be confusing, as you’re never really sure what kind of film you’re watching, and the layers of conspiracies can be hard to dig through.

Things eventually wrap up, although there are plenty of unanswered questions, leaving much of the mystery intact, and implying that there’s a lot more story to explore. The highlight of the film is how frightening it is. If the jump scares don’t cause your heart to skip a beat, the brief glimpse of something hideous is sure to make your blood run cold.

Should You Watch Banshee Chapter?

If you’re looking for some good scares this Halloween season, look no further. The story could be a little tighter, but with some strong performances, and truly frightening moments, this is a great Halloween flick.

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