Review: Found (2012) – or – Headless killer

Found reviewMarty (Gavin Brown) lives in a family that is slowly coming apart. His older brother Steve (Ethan Philbeck) is a serial killer, keeping severed heads in his closet. His father (Louie Lawless) is borderline abusive, and his mother (Phyllis Munro) still treats him like a baby. Marty must also endure bullying at school, and even his one friend, David (Alex Kogin) seems to be pulling away from him. While Steve becomes more unstable, Marty begins to wish he could have his brother back, especially as violence begins to escalate within the family.

It seems as if Found has trouble deciding what type of film it wants to be. Initially, it starts out as a demented look at a very troubled family, and the effect that it may be having on Marty, the youngest member. Somewhere around the middle point, it turns into a brutal gore film, more interested in shocking people than causing them to think.

Logic means nothing here. Marty begins the film knowing that his older brother Steve is a serial killer. He constantly sneaks into Steve’s room to look at the latest victims head in a bowling ball bag, but says nothing. He also doesn’t seem to truly fear Steve. His parents have no idea what’s happening, even though you would think a severed head would be hard to hide. The biggest problem is the stiff acting. Many of the actors feature Found as their first or second credit, and it shows.

Should You Watch Found?

More challenging than rewarding, the story is strangely compelling, but starts to fall apart when the film turns to full out gore. This could have been a much smarter film, but eventually winds up only pleasing those who are looking for some extreme violence.

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