Review: Evil Feed (2013) – or – Try the dickie roll

Evil Feed reviewSteven (Terry Chen) runs an exclusive restaurant called Long Pig, which caters to a clientele looking to eat human flesh. In order to feed and entertain his guests, Steven resorts to kidnapping martial artists, forcing them to battle his fighters, and serving up the loser for dinner. When he kidnaps Nash (Sebastian Gacki), and his girlfriend Jenna (Laci J Mailey), Steven finds himself at the mercy of the lovers, and their group of friends.

In the spirit of Japanese splatter films, Evil Feed is outrageously over the top, incredibly bloody, and a ton of fun. Combining great action scenes, psychotic villains, and more blood than ten horror films, this is a movie you cannot miss.

Right from the start, this is a non-stop action ride. The blood rarely lets up, and the laughs come just as often. Not only is restaurant owner Steven forced to face off against a group of well trained fighters, but he must also eliminate his rivals, who are searching for his famous dickie roll recipe, which is exactly what you think it is.

Great fight scenes and special effects are the highlights of the film, and hilarious performances from the cast just add to the insane mayhem. When a few twists are arrive late in the film, you’ll know you’ve just watched one of the best splatter films around.

Should You Watch Evil Feed?

Absolutely. Hilarious and bloody, this is the kind of splatter flick that gore fans are going to enjoy, and they’ll find it hard to stop laughing the entire time.

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