Solo (2013) – or – Ghost tent

Solo reviewGillian (Annie Clark) has gotten a job as a camp counselor at Camp Kaya. When she arrives, she’s informed by camp owner, Fred (Richard Clarkin), that she must spend two nights alone on an island close by, in order to prove she can handle tough situations. Gillian is a little worried, but it’s a necessary step to make the parents of kids at the camp, feel better. She heads off to begin her two night stay, but is barely into her first day when Ray (Daniel Kash) shows up. He says he heard a cry for help, and came to see what was wrong, but Gillian swears it wasn’t her. Stories of a haunting on the island start to frighten Gillian, and as her first night begins, she starts to realize there’s more than ghosts to worry about.

Solo is the first feature film credit for writer/director Isaac Cravit, and it’s an incredibly solid beginning. Full of mounting tension, and a few red herrings, you’ll find yourself on the edge of your seat, questioning who, or what, is at the heart of the mystery.

Annie Clark does a fantastic job in her role as Gillian. She goes beyond the girl in trouble idea, actually creating a character that is smart and strong. Other roles are limited, but everybody plays them perfectly, adding to the tension and mystery. When the end comes, you may not be completely surprised, but you’ll spend most of the film trying to decide if you’re right.

Viewers will appreciate the fact that the fear created in the film doesn’t come from cheap jump scares either. Solo spends more time making your skin crawl, and you may question your next camping trip thanks to this one.

Should You Watch Solo?

For some great thrills and chills, you can’t beat this one. Annie Clark does a great job, and she helps create a character that audiences will be cheering for.

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