Septic Man (2013) – or – Rise of a Sewerhero

Septic Man reviewThe city of Collingwood faces a crisis of contaminated water, and the only person who can stop it is Jack (Jason David Brown), a sewer worker dedicated to his job. He’s approached by Phil Prosser (Julian Richings), who tells him that a consortium of interested parties is willing to pay him two hundred thousand dollars, and give him a desk job, in exchange for his help fixing the contaminated water problem. With a pregnant wife at home, Jack eventually decides that he has to do this for his family. When he finally gets to the sewer, he winds up being trapped, exposed to the toxic chemicals, and slowly transforming into a hideous mutant. His only chance for escape is Giant (Robert Maillet), a man living in the sewer, but Giant won’t help Jack, unless Jack helps kill Giant’s brother, the maniacal serial killer, Lord Auch (Tim Burd).

With a title like Septic Man, and an opening scene involving an incredibly sick woman in the most disgusting bathroom ever seen, you would think that you know everything about this movie in the first few minutes. While the film does manage to be extremely grotesque, it also takes things incredibly seriously, creating a weird blend that not all viewers will be able to handle.

At first glance, things seem simple enough. Jack gets trapped in the sewer, slowly changing into a disgusting mutant, and losing his grip on reality. It’s when you start digging a little deeper that things start to have a different meaning. With Tony Burgess on writing duties, it’s hard to accept this at face value, and there’s a sense of depression behind the film. Does this come from Burgess’ writing, or Jesse T. Cook’s directing though? It’s hard to tell, but grotesque fun to figure out.

Should You Watch Septic Man?

It may seem like it’s just a film trying to be gross, but the very serious tone of the movie, and the suggestion that there’s a lot more going on, makes this film a very unique experience.

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