Motivational Growth (2013) – or – The Mold knows

Motivational Growth reviewIan Folivor (Adrian DiGiovanni) is a lazy, uninspired, 30 something slacker, slowly rotting away in his apartment. He never leaves, hasn’t bothered cleaning in months, and has finally come to the end of his rope. He attempts to commit suicide in his bathroom, but even manages to fail at that. He’s woken up by a talking mold, who calls itself The Mold (Jeffrey Combs), and who declares that he’s there to help Ian get his life together. Ian begins to pull himself together, even managing to attract the attention of Leah (Danielle Doetsch), his good looking neighbour. When Ian starts receiving messages from his broken TV set, he starts to question whether The Mold is actually helping him at all.

To say that Motivational Growth is odd would be a huge understatement. The film features a fourth wall breaking lead character in Ian, who narrates his story directly to the audience, a huge talking mold, a TV that seems to be communicating with Ian, and a very strange cast of supporting characters. Every weird, 8 bit, video game music, spore growing, TV licking moment is totally worth it though.

Written and directed by Don Thacker, Motivational Growth is incredibly smart, visually wild, and will leave you discussing the deeper meanings of its slimy existence. That may be the greatest accomplishment of the film, as the final moments will leave each viewer with their own unique take on what they’ve just witnessed.

Adrian DiGiovanni is fantastic as Ian, but almost winds up being upstaged by The Mold, voiced by Jeffrey Combs. The combination of his distinct vocal performance and Thacker’s precise writing, give The Mold more personality than many other characters in the film world.

Is Motivational Growth Worth Watching?

Absolutely. Don’t think that the film is just a collection of incredibly odd scenes. An amazingly intelligent script, and the ability to make audiences actually think about what they’ve just watched, makes this film an extremely rewarding viewing experience.

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