The Battery (2012) – or – Two down in the ninth

The Battery reviewBen (Jeremy Gardner) and Mickey (Adam Cronheim) are two former baseball players, trying to survive in a world filled with zombies. They travel through New England, making sure to avoid cities and towns, in an attempt to avoid as many of the undead as possible. When the men overhear a radio conversation between Annie (Alana O’Brien) and another survivor, talking about what seems like a thriving community, Mickey becomes obsessed with finding a place to call home again, even though they’ve been warned by Annie that new survivors aren’t welcome.

Jeremy Gardner takes on all the work with The Battery, as he writes, directs, and stars in this fantastic zombie film. The focus is strongly on Ben and Mickey, allowing for long scenes where zombies aren’t even seen. The characters may be a bit cliche, with Ben embracing his new, nomadic existence, and Mickey constantly dreaming of a time when they can stop traveling. The chemistry between the two characters is where the film shines, allowing you to ignore anything that may seem typical.

Gardner and Adam Cronheim do an amazing job, and Gardner’s writing feels incredibly natural. There are some lighthearted moments, and much of the first half of the movie is quite calm. The two friends start to suffer a break in their friendship at the halfway mark, leading into an incredibly tense, and claustrophobic finale. The finished product is one of the best zombie films out there.

Is The Battery Worth Watching?

Absolutely. One of the best zombie films in years, and all because such importance is placed on character. There’s enough zombie action to please fans of the undead, but the strong point is how much you’ll actually care about Ben and Mickey.

The Battery Special Features

The film is worth buying on its own, but the addition of a 90 minute documentary makes this one a must buy. It’s incredibly in-depth, and equally as good as the film itself.

The Battery Trailer

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