Stalled (2013) – or – Jiggle the handle

Stalled reviewIt’s Christmas Eve, and W.C (Dan Palmer) is trying to finish out his shift as a janitor in an office building. While cleaning the women’s washroom, he finds himself hiding in a stall when two women enter the bathroom. Too awkward to leave, W.C waits for them to leave, but one woman suddenly bites the other. Now an all out zombie invasion is happening, and as zombies pile into the bathroom, W.C is trapped in a stall, desperately trying to figure out how to escape.

Dan Palmer writes, and stars in Stalled, a rather interesting take on the one location zombie film, directed by Christian James. The UK connection always leads people to talk about Shaun of the Dead, but Stalled doesn’t hit the high notes that film does. There’s some hilarious moments, but don’t expect the next great zomedy.

The most interesting aspect is how the film is focused on the character of W.C. There seems to be a growing trend of zombie films that are more concerned with character, and less on gore. Stalled offers both, giving viewers some moments of comedic blood and guts, with great characters.

W.C isn’t the only person trapped in the bathroom, as a girl was also hiding in there before the outbreak. Their conversation is hilarious, but it also reveals a lot about W.C, making him a character you really connect with.

Should You Watch Stalled?

A funny, and frequently bloody film, with a lead character who really connects with audiences. You’ll be surprised at how much you care about W.C, which makes his predicament much more tense and exciting.

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