Eega (2012) – or – Shoo Fly

Eega reviewNani (Nani) has been in love with Bindhu (Samantha Ruth Prabhu) for over two years, but she continues to play with his heart, denying her obvious love for him. Bindhu works for a non-profit organization, which will be receiving a large donation from wealthy, and violent, industrialist Sudeep (Sudeep). A man who always gets what he wants, Sudeep is instantly attracted to Bindhu, but finds out that she loves Nani. In a rage, Sudeep kills Nani, who is reincarnated as a fly. Determined to protect his love from Sudeep, Nani must find a way to show Bindhu that he’s now a fly, and get his revenge against Sudeep.

When you think of films from India, song and dance may come to mind, and you wouldn’t be completely wrong, as Eega does feature one musical number, and plenty of songs throughout. It also happens to offer one of the most over the top ideas around, as a man reincarnated as a fly sets out to get revenge on his murderer. That’s just the beginning of the insanity though, as the fly works out, and gets some micro claws and a gas mask from a young woman.

An incredibly odd idea makes for an extremely entertaining film though, and you’ll quickly find yourself laughing along with the outrageous adventures in Eega. Sudeep is the kind of over the top villain you would expect, while Nani is just the kind of semi-bumbling hero you’re looking for. This is the kind of movie that fans of strange cinema are going to love.

Should You Watch Eega?

You may think this is ridiculous, but that’s the exact reason why you should check this one out. Much better than you could ever imagine, there’s a joy you get from watching a fly outsmart a man, that you just can’t find anywhere else.

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