Big Ass Spider (2013) – or – Spider Kong

Big Ass Spider reviewAfter heading to the hospital to treat a spider bite, exterminator Alex Mathis (Greg Grunberg) finds himself caught up in a job that even his expertise may not be able to handle. A large spider has escaped in the hospital, and it’s getting bigger by the hour. The Army has been called in, but the spider manages to escape through the sewers and is terrorizing L.A. As the Army fumbles each attempt to stop the spider, it’s left up to Alex, a security guard named Jose (Lombardo Boyar), and the woman that Alex has fallen in love with, Lieutenant Karly Brant (Clare Kramer), to stop this giant spider, once and for all.

If Syfy films like Sharknado are for you, you’re going to love Big Ass Spider, a huge creature feature with characters that won’t drive you mad. Greg Grunberg and Lombardo Boyar are Alex and Jose, an unlikely duo who deliver some great laughs as they battle one enormous spider in L.A. They manage to be more entertaining to watch than the spider, and you’ll find yourself waiting for them to show up every time they leave the screen.

Of course, you can’t have a movie called Big Ass Spider without a huge, venom spitting monstrosity, and the movie delivers. A lot of the CG scenes are a bit sketchy, but the movie doesn’t take itself very seriously, and since it’s so much fun, it’s easy to overlook some of lesser aspects. The gore is limited, but there are some great scenes involving melting faces that will please the horror fans.

Should You Watch Big Ass Spider?

With plenty of laughs, a few great scenes of gore, and a real sense of fun, you’ll enjoy yourself with this movie. Most people can tell if they’ll enjoy this from the title alone, and it’s certainly a good indication of what the film delivers.

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