Chastity Bites (2013) – or – Clueless meets Veronica Mars

Chastity Bites reviewA mysterious woman named Liz (Louise Griffiths) shows up in town, and begins teaching an abstinence course at San Griento High. Supported by the rich local mothers, who bribe their daughters to join the group, Liz is actually preparing for something much more sinister. The only girl who can stop things, is Leah (Allison Scagliotti), a reporter for the school paper, and an aspiring journalist who may have found her big break. When Leah’s friend Katharine (Francia Raisa) joins the abstinence group, she realizes that it’s up to her to reveal the evil plans of Liz, and make sure that her friend doesn’t end up a sacrifice.

High school hasn’t been this entertaining since Buffy started killing vampires. Take one part Clueless, and throw in the dedicated female lead that populate stories like Buffy, and you have a taste of Chastity Bites. There’s winks and nods to many of the films that 80s kids grew up on, and you can feel the influence there, but this film manages to be its own beast, and it’s an hilarious one.

The writing is incredibly smart, taking subtle shots at consumerism, obsessions with age, politics, and many more. Most importantly, lead character Leah is a strong, intelligent, attractive, opinionated badass, something few female characters manage to be in films now.

The only point that horror fans may hold against it, is a lack of blood. It’s not the most violent film around, but the humour, strong performances, and amazing story more than make up for that.

Should You Watch Chastity Bites?

Absolutely. A great horror comedy that lets women take control. We may have to start adding Allison Scagliotti’s name to the list of ass kicking female characters from now on.

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