[REC] 3 Genesis (2012) – or – Best. Wedding. Ever.

Kicking off the zombie double bill at Toronto After Dark 2012 was the amazing [REC] 3: Genesis. Taking the [REC] series in a new direction, the third film manages to be funny and bloody while still sticking to the mythology built in previous installments.

Clara (Leticia Dolera) and Koldo (Diego Martín) are about to be married, but their happy day is shattered when a viral outbreak turns all their guests into bloodthirsty zombies. Separated when the outbreak began, Koldo and Clara must stay alive and find each other.

The first [REC] film was incredible, and probably the best use of the shaky cam that Blair Witch made popular. The second film didn’t quite turn out as good, but it was still miles ahead of other zombie/infected films. The third entry in the series almost completely abandons the shaky cam idea, and gives a new humourous attitude to the trilogy.

The film begins in familiar territory as audiences are treated to footage shot on different guests cameras, including the wedding videographer Atún (Borja Glez. Santaolalla). It doesn’t last long though, and viewers are treated to a regular film style that is a bit more accepted. Complaints about the handheld footage genre usually include the fact that it’s often nauseating to look at, and the reason for someone to tape everything is always ridiculous. Be eliminating the handheld idea, [REC] 3 allows viewers to sit back and enjoy the insanity, and insane it is.

Guests are unprepared for the violence the infection causes.

They have a great way of tying all the films together, and it could be easy to miss it if you’re not paying attention. It’s subtle enough to please fans of the series, and informative enough that new viewers will understand. Once the infection takes over, things get extremely bloody. It’s during the dancing that the virus takes over, leaving people screaming and racing for exits. These are the last moments of handheld footage, and the idea works well in the scene, playing up the crazy atmosphere. It’s great that they’ve switched to just making a regular film because it looks incredible. Gone are the dark and muddy images of the previous films, replaced with bright sets and spraying blood.

Koldo is separated from his new bride, forced to fight his way through the infected guests to find her.

Not only have the moved away from the handheld shots and dark hallways of the apartment building, but they’ve injected a new attitude into the film. Many of the scenes are hilarious and the film has more of a camp feeling to it. Where the previous films were very serious in tone, the third one is 80 minutes of fun, and that may be the most successful aspect of the entire movie. The zombies look great, the blood flows freely, and there are some amazing zombie kills. They’ve managed to make a new entry in the [REC] series that feels fresh, instead of just recycling old ideas, and still sticks to major plot points from the other films. This one is a blast and should be on the top of every horror fans list to watch.

Under the marquee – Will

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