Cockneys vs Zombies (2012) – or – Senior citizen zombie killing squad.

Shaun of the Dead is always the go to zombie comedy, but Cockneys vs Zombies can now be added to the list of extremely funny and very bloody zomedy films.

Andy (Harry Treadaway) and Terry Macquire (Rasmus Hardiker) are slackers living in the East End of London. They’ve made nothing of their lives, but still strive to please their Grandad (Alan Ford). When the retirement home he lives in is about to be torn down, Andy and Terry decide to rob a bank for the money needed. The bumbling crooks manage to get away with the bank heist, not because of their skill, but because a huge zombie outbreak occurs in the middle of the robbery. Instead of just saving the retirement home, the brothers will have to save the lives of the residents, but maybe the seniors living there can handle themselves.

Toronto After Dark hit it out of the park this year with their annual zombie double bill. With [REC] 3 and this film, I can’t think of a better zombie night at the festival. Cockneys vs Zombies is hilarious, ridiculous, and way over the top. It’s a blast to watch and the sellout crowd loved it. Alan Ford steals the show as the grumpy Grandad who makes sure to take care of his friends while trying not to go crazy in the boring retirement home environment. Right from the start, the laughs begin, and it doesn’t let up. Watching a group of senior citizens load up with firearms and slaughter zombies is just too funny.

Alan is an hilarious badass in the film Cockneys vs Zombies.

With a genre that looks like its done it all, Cockneys vs Zombies manages to include moments that you’ve never seen before. I wouldn’t want to ruin the fun, so you’ll just have to watch and see for yourself. Just know that you won’t be disappointed. The biggest thing to appreciate is the fact that the zombies are slow. Fans often find themselves on opposite ends of the fence when it comes to fast or slow zombies, but there hasn’t been a better use of slow zombies before. The amount of laughs that come from slow seniors battling slow zombies is insane. It’s this exact idea that provided one of the funniest moments in the film.

The zombies burst into a warehouse where the bank robbers have been hiding.

Although the seniors steal the show at every turn, the gang of robbers hold their own. Harry Treadaway and Rasmus Hardiker are great as the Macquire brothers. Their gang also includes Mental Mickey (Ashley Bashy Thomas), an insane criminal with a metal plate in his head. While they plan on firing no shots and taking no hostages, Mickey has his own ideas, which is basically the opposite of everything the brothers want to do. Mickey also gets to have one of the more creative moments in the film, something that sparked some great discussion after the film.

For zombie comedies, you really can’t go wrong with this one. There’s some great gore, lots of zombies, and tons of laughs. The moment you can get your hands on this one, do it. This deserves to be on the shelf of every zombie fan.

Under the marquee – Will

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