The Walking Dead S2 E13 (2012) – or – Spay and neuter your zombies.

Another season comes to an end for Walking Dead, leaving a big hole in my Sunday night viewing. I may have to wait months for some great zombie action, but the show certainly ended with a bang, or actually, a slice really.

Those who complained there wasn’t enough zombie action should feel a little better as the episode opened with the group racing from the farm. It was great how they gave us a little idea of how the zombie ‘herds’ get started. The helicopter flies over the city and that gets the zombies attention. As they travel, more zombies just join the group. Eventually they are close to the farm and a gunshot draws them in. They’re mindless and overwhelming in a large group, following the loudest noise they hear. Just amazing to watch.

For me, this episode seemed like it was created specifically to quench the desire of the loyal comic book fans out there. The introduction of Michonne was the best moment of the episode, and it looked like it was ripped right out of the comic. The mysterious hooded figure with two armless zombies behind her, as she drags them around, leashed by a giant chain. Just incredible. I can’t wait to see how she fits into the story next season. The group, led by Rick, is always grasping to find some sort of safety. Here comes Michonne, alone and wandering around in the forest, dragging two zombies behind her. She’s obviously doing just fine, so how will that work with the group? Will she offer her advice and guidance or will she attempt to take over the group? Maybe the group will try to force her into the leader role, like they do with Rick.

The best moment of the episode. I wish it would have been the final image of the season.

Of course, the group is completely lost when the zombies finally hit the farm. These guys just can’t seem to get it together. It seems as if they’re constantly talking about how the world is different now, but they never prepare for it that way. They were too comfortable on the farm, and the zombie herd tore it apart. It was a great moment to watch, but I’m glad it wasn’t a huge part of the episode. Everyone wants more zombie action, but I want more strong, dramatic moments. We get lots of zombies, what really works are moments like Rick chewing everyone out. The group seems to question his leadership, but refuse to move out on their own. The term Ricktatorship seems to be going around now, and I couldn’t be happier. It’s not a democracy anymore, and it was great to see Rick step up and tell everyone off.

This episode was fantastic, but it still had some problems. Those always seem to start with Carl or Lori. How is it that Carl is always wandering off on his own? It happens way too often and the idea is getting really tired. If my kids did something that was extremely dangerous and scared the crap out of me, you can believe that I wouldn’t let them out of my sight after that. I can’t imagine that this will change any time soon. Carl will constantly wander off and get in trouble just to cause some drama for the group, or for Rick and Lori. It also seems that a lot of people didn’t understand Lori’s reaction to Rick killing Shane. I know it seemed like she had suggested Rick kill Shane episodes ago, but I don’t think killing was exactly what she wanted. Honestly, I could care less about Lori or Carl. I just try to ignore their characters.

The prison is revealed in the distance at the end of the season finale.

I fear that if people are complaining there’s not enough zombies on the show, they won’t be happy with the prison storyline. It’s a prison, specifically designed so you just can’t wander in or out. That’s going to be a place that isn’t exactly crawling with zombies. The entire purpose of the prison story is to really show the things that people will do in this new world. It’s easily the best part of the comic, and I can see how they could break it up into two seasons if they wanted to. I imagine they won’t though, and that’s too bad. There are lots of different stories to explore in the prison. The Governor shows up, and what about the announcement that Merle will be back. How will he fit into the show now?

The final major point of the show, was one that didn’t even phase me. The revelation that they’re already all infected. That was something that I had always just assumed. When I think of zombie movies, I just figure that when you die, no matter how it happens, you become a zombie. It was hard to think that the characters didn’t come to that conclusion as well. The fact that the group was angry that Rick didn’t tell them made no sense. It must have crossed their minds by now. It certainly doesn’t change anything. As living people, everyone in the group will eventually die. Is it really that much of a stretch to think that they would become zombies when that happened. I just didn’t think it was that much of a shock, so the entire moment of its reveal didn’t hit the right note for me.

In the end, this was one of the best episodes of the season. It was a great set up for the third season, which I believe is going to be 16 episodes instead of 13, and it managed to get fans of both the comics, and the show, excited for what is ahead. I’ll be waiting for a release of the season so I can marathon the entire thing before the third season starts up. Until then, it was nice knowing you Walking Dead. I’ll be waiting for your return from the dead!

Under the marquee – Will

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2 Responses to The Walking Dead S2 E13 (2012) – or – Spay and neuter your zombies.

  1. Branden says:

    I didn’t like the first part of the season, because they were whining about Sophia that first part.

    The second part of the season was the best it has ever been. I hope that they can keep it up for season three.

    • ninfanwill says:

      I can agree with you on that. I found the entire Sophia idea way too long, but it had a nice payoff. They keep talking about how the next season is going to blow away this season, if that actually happens, it will be amazing. It’s the best part of the comics, with some seriously intense moments. If they can translate it nicely to the show, it’s going to make anything they do after the prison story seem boring in comparison. In fact, that’s my biggest fear. The comic went down after the prison because they couldn’t top the incredible story. I’m wondering where the show will go when the prison is finished. I’d be happy to see them leave the comics behind and come up with something completely different.

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