Dad at the Movies – Feb. 21st, 2012

Tuesday managed to be a nice, relaxing, everything comes together, kind of day. The kids were back at school, which made the house a bit quieter. All the tables in my house are visible again. The laundry pile was getting smaller, and my mortgage finally came through. To top it all off, a meeting with my son’s teacher revealed more information about his C+ grades.

Apparently, if a teacher has to help a student more than is expected, they have to grade them on a different level. So basically my son’s grades would be in the B’s, but the teacher has to constantly check on him to make sure he’s doing his work. That means he can’t actually get B’s. Not because his work is lacking, but because he can’t pay attention.

That’s great that his work is done properly, and he understands the work, but how disappointing for a kid to only be able to get C’s because the teacher has to check on him. I’m not sure how that’s supposed to inspire a child to do better. How do I properly explain to my son that he got C’s because the teacher is helping him. Who decides how much is too much help anyway?

I would assume that my son thinks he got C’s because his work was bad, but that’s not the case. It seems a strange way for things to be handled. I think it would be interesting to see what his grades would have been like if they just graded him properly. So his work is worth B’s, but they CAN’T give him B’s. That just doesn’t seem right.

It’s no surprise to me that my son can’t focus. Of course their instant reaction is to suggest he see a doctor. Not so he can get drugs, of course not. The doctor certainly wouldn’t just give him some sort of strange drug, not nowadays.


I bet that’s the first thing the doctor would do. Has trouble focusing does he? Give him one of these a day and he’ll be fine, except for the fact that he’ll be this strangely focused zombie child.

Not everyone enjoys school, that certainly doesn’t mean you’re not intelligent. I’m no rocket scientist, but I like to think that I’m at least smart enough. I never finished high school, and I certainly didn’t like school. There were subjects I enjoyed though, and those are the ones that I always got A’s in. Had I actually finished high school, I’m sure I could have gone on to college where I could have chosen courses that I was interested in.

Not every kid is going to enjoy, or do well in school. What I want from my son, is for him to actually finish school. By then he’ll hopefully know what he wants to do with his life, and he can do that. He seems to be a lot like I was. Does well at what he’s interested in and hates the rest. The fact that he can still be getting B’s and C’s works out.

What is it about society that we want to pump our kids full of drugs so they can concentrate and do well in school. God forbid a child doesn’t do well in school because they can’t focus enough. I think what they used to do was just hit them. Makes you wonder what would be more damaging. A couple of good whacks across the knuckles, or years of drugs.

For a day that went so well, I seem to be complaining a lot. I just have a problem with the way schools are run. The good news is that my son isn’t doing bad at all. It’s just that someone, somewhere, decided that a teacher helping a student too much is a bad thing. And here I thought it was their job.

The rest of the day worked out well. I managed to watch Batman: Year One, which was another great DC animated film, and just generally be productive and lazy all in the same day. I wish more days would run as smoothly as Tuesday!

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