Dad at the Movies – Feb. 2nd, 2012

I have to say, if this is what life will be like when my dad finally retires, I better move right now. He’s half the reason I don’t have a review for today. For a few months now, my dad has been off work. He hurt his foot and that resulted in the doctor finding some problems with circulation and his heart. The problem there is that my dad is one of those guys that has to do something. All the time. Even if it’s at my house. And that’s how I spent my Thursday watching him clean my basement.

I would have sat around on Thursday, watched a movie, played some games, and just be generally lazy. At least, that was what I was hoping for. I got the kids up and out the door for school and then got to my writing. By 10 am, I was finished. Sweet. That leaves almost 5 hours to sit around and do whatever I want. Knock a couple of hours off for a movie, and I’m still left with 3 hours to eat and play some video games.

Just then, my dad shows up. He says that he’s bored at home and has decided that my basement is a shithole and he wants to clean it. I didn’t actually have to help him, he was more than content to do it himself, but if he’s here, I’m not able to sit and do nothing. I couldn’t read a book, watch a movie, watch TV, play video games, or anything that resembles fun. The only option left is to clean up other parts of the house.

Lets be honest. Different people have different ideas of clean. My house isn’t dirty. There’s no food laying around, or dirty dishes (except for the ones on the counter that are waiting to be washed). My house is very cluttered though. I’ve got magazines and comics on an end table, there’s binders of DVDs by my computer, there’s shelves of action figures. Basically, there’s a lot of stuff, but it all has a place and it certainly isn’t dirty. You wouldn’t feel sticky after being at my house at least!

The basement is the kids area. My son has Lego all over the place, which drives me nuts but that’s usually how it works with Lego. He’s also got all kinds of costumes, like Freddy or Jason, piles of action figures, and some video games. On top of the kids stuff, there’s three shelving units of movies and CDs, plus two more shelving units of books and manga. It’s full down there.

I’ll give my dad credit, it’s cleaner in the basement. The problem is that it wasn’t bothering me, it was only bothering him. So basically I’m wasting my time trying to look busy while my dad is cleaning a room that I didn’t think was messy in the first place. I would have watched something after the kids had gotten home and my father had left, but Thursday was my first meeting with the Toronto Film Scene. Obviously I couldn’t miss that!

So instead of watching a movie last night, I went and talked about movies with a big group of very cool people. It was awesome to meet the crew of TFS, and I’m looking forward to putting my opinion forward in the months to come. In fact, my first review is up today for THE INNKEEPERS. Check it out here!

I had a blast meeting everyone, and carried on a very lengthy conversation about DC and their new 52. It was nice to be in a place where everyone is obviously as geeky as I am! It was nearing 11:30 by the time I finally got home, and I knew I wouldn’t make it through a movie. I figured that I would have plenty of time on Friday morning to get caught up, but I bet you can’t guess who came by to visit and slow me down.

Maybe I’ll have better luck catching up over the weekend. I just hope that my dad doesn’t decide that the rest of my house needs cleaning. I may never be seen again.

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One Response to Dad at the Movies – Feb. 2nd, 2012

  1. Laer says:

    Get your dad hooked on Skyrim….

    … just make sure he has his own computer!

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