TAD 2011 – The Legend of Beaver Dam (2010)

If you don’t know who Sean Cullen is, shame on you! I’ve been laughing my ass off at his comedy and song bits since what seems like forever. Starting as a part of Corky and the Juice Pigs, Cullen has constantly entertained me. When I realized that he played a part in The Legend of Beaver Dam, I had an idea of what I was getting into.

Take the strangeness that is Sean Cullen, throw in the kind of over the top comedy rock opera that Tenacious D might put together, pepper it with more swearing directed at children than you could think of and finish it all off with as much blood as you can throw at it. That’s pretty much what you’re getting here. How the hell could you want anything else?

The Legend of Beaver Dam sees a group of Pathfinders listening to their Pathmaster sing a song about Stumpy Sam. He’s a one armed ghost that haunts the woods and if you say his name 3 times, he appears and kills you. This Pathmaster is a huge prick and it’s not long before Stumpy Sam shows up to exact some revenge. That revenge also includes the greatest rock opera moments you could imagine.

Stumpy Sam shows up to slice and dice some campers! It's like a gory Queen concert.

I couldn’t stop tapping my feet to this one. The music is contagious and I’m kinda surprised that the entire crowd didn’t start clapping along at some point. It’s incredibly hard to express in words just how freaking awesome this short film was. It was an amazing intro to the evening and helped launch Toronto After Dark 2011 to what I hope, and expect, will be the best year ever. The trailer doesn’t really do this short justice but it’s all I can offer you right now!

In the shadows – Will

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  1. Yup, that was an amazing short.

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