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Despite an annoying trait that the zombies have I really enjoyed this one. – Will

A company runs a trial test of a new drug that boosts mental and physical activity on 30,000 people. When all of them but one turn into raging zombies a former security expert from the company has to hunt that one person down for the cure.

Directed by – Mark McQueen

Written by – Bart Ruspoli

Starring – MyAnna Buring, Jaime Murray, Danny Dyer, Sean Pertwee, Craig Fairbrass, Colin Salmon, Shane Taylor, Lisa McAllister, Craig Conway, Bart Ruspoli, Alistair Petrie, Del Henney, Victoria Pritchard, Paul Corkery

I can sum up the one problem I had with this flick by quoting the IMDB synopsis. It says “features zombies portrayed by free runners for a terrifyingly authentic representation of the undead.” How are free runners an authentic representation of dead people??? Well kids, they aren’t! I can accept fast zombies but find it very hard to not laugh when a zombie jumps up onto a car and then does a flip off of it and to the ground. I get that the zombies are fast and want to eat everyone they see, I don’t see the point of them flipping over things and swinging through windows though. Thankfully this only happens a few times or the entire movie would have been a joke.

In the end you basically get 28 Days Later meets Resident Evil which isn’t really a bad thing but it’s certainly not an original idea. I still managed to really enjoy this one and it helps that it’s full of some really great moments of bashed in skulls and blood spraying. Quite a few zombies end up getting their skulls smashed in with hammers or pipes and we get to watch as their heads become mushy puddles. Lets not forget the amount of people who get chewed up and spit out as well. They don’t hold back on the violence and it makes the film very entertaining.

Try and ignore the double back flips and you might enjoy yourself.

There’s also a story here but I could care less about what was going on. There’s a couple of moments that are supposed to get the tears flowing I guess but I was just waiting for more blood and gore. The main plot concerns a company testing a new drug. They have 30,000 volunteers and within a month 29,999 of them have fallen ill with serious side effects. They’re trying to suppress the effects of this new drug and when they stop giving one patient the serum he escapes and all hell breaks loose. Only one person, Angela (MyAnna Buring) seems unaffected by the drug testing and it’s up to Cole (Craig Fairbrass) to find her and deliver her to the doctors in hopes of finding the cure.

Here’s where pointless sub-plot comes in. Danny Dyer is Joe, a cop charged with murdering a young teen and Angela’s boyfriend. He says he’s innocent and he had no choice but the public has decided he’s guilty already. His friend Steve (Craig Conway) believe him and bails him out on the day the zombies escape. Joe wants to save Angela when he finds out what’s going on and Steve stops him. Eventually they all magically end up in the same place anyway and it quickly becomes a struggle between Joe and Cole over Angela. Joe wants her to stay with him while Cole knows that their only hope is if Angela goes with him.

The gangs all here, at least for now.

While they’re all hiding out at Steve’s garage, two more survivors show up and bring trouble to the mix. All of them are trying to get to a helicopter that Angela’s brother knows about but it only seats four. This causes some fighting in the group when the two extra survivors Lavinia (Jaime Murray) and Geoffrey (Shane Taylor) try to destroy the trust of the group and make sure they get seats on the helicopter. That at least makes for some interesting moments and actually causes the death of my favorite character. Bastards!

I tried to ignore the lovey dovey crap between Joe and Angela and the fact that Joe was about to stand trial for shooting a kid doesn’t make much sense in the grand scheme of things. The majority of the film is really about getting Angela to some doctors and who in the group will survive long enough to escape and that works well enough. The addition of the two survivors stirring up trouble in the group makes for some good tension towards the end and there’s no shortage of blood. Despite some minor nuisances, like the above mentioned free running zombies, I still enjoyed the flick and you can do a lot worse when it comes to zombie movies.

Under the marquee – Will

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