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Who wouldn’t have fun watching this great flick! – Will

Horror hostess Elvira heads to a very uptight New England town when her Great Aunt dies and leaves her an inheritance but her Great Uncle Vincent seems to be very interested in a recipe book that she was also left.

Directed by – James Signorelli

Written by – Sam Egan, John Paragon, Cassandra Peterson

Starring РCassandra Peterson, William Morgan Sheppard, Daniel Greene, Susan Kellermann, Joff Conaway, Edie McClurg, William Duell, Phil Rubenstein, Mario Celario, Lee McLaughlin, Charles Woolf, Kris Kamm, Scott Morris, Ira Heiden, Bill Morey, Pat Crawford Brown, Ellen Dunning, Frank Collison, Deryl Carroll

Oh Sunday night, you were so good to me! After a very long day of back to school shopping, which was a bad idea to do one day before back to school, I finally settled on the couch with some snacks to watch a movie. I got distracted for about an hour when I noticed that Crank 2 was on and I couldn’t help but finish watching it but then I remembered I had sat down to watch Elvira, Mistress of the Dark! Cheesy good fun indeed. After I was at the con last week I had come across the news that Elvira was headed back to television in September, couple that with the fact that she had a role in All About Evil at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival this year and I suddenly had Elvira on the brain. I can think of worse things to think about ya know! Anyway, before I get into the review, check out the trailer for the upcoming show. I believe it starts airing on September 25th so all you guys in the States start firing up your fancy gadgets that record things and send them my way. I need these shows!

Well, now that I got all that excitement out of my system I can get back to the review. I didn’t get the pleasure of enjoying horror hosts living up in the¬†Great White North. We were lucky to catch an episode of Freddy’s Nightmares or Tales From The Crypt occasionally but we all knew who Elvira was. She’s hard to ignore with her big….hair! When this flick finally hit video we made sure to watch it and I can’t remember how many times I’ve seen it now. With all the Elvira that I seemed to be seeing lately it was just natural to go back and check this flick out. I was happy to find that I enjoyed this one as much now as I did back then, and I even managed to get a few more of the jokes that flew over my head as a kid.

All the kids in town get together to help Elvira out.

The premise goes like this. Elvira is trying to get a show in Vegas going but is currently working as a horror hostess on TV. When her station is bought out by a slimy new manager who tries to put the moves on her, Elvira walks off, relying on her Vegas show to get her through. Turns out she needs to come up with $50,000 to do it. Suddenly there’s a knock on her dressing room door and a letter arrives telling her that her Great Aunt Morgana has died and she has received an inheritance. Looks like Vegas is back on! She heads out for the reading of the will and winds up in a very conservative small town whose residents are shocked at her appearance. Well, except for the local teens and one burly man, Bob Redding (Daniel Greene).

It looks like things aren’t going to work out like Elvira planned when she only gets an old house and a book of recipes. She also meets her Great Uncle Vincent (William Morgan Sheppard) who has a great interest in that book of recipes. Elvira eventually finds out that she’s descended from witches and that her Great Uncle wants the book of recipes as it’s really a book of spells. The lunar eclipse is coming up and Elvira must stop Vincent from causing mayhem and chaos, that is if she doesn’t get burned at the stake by the local townspeople for being a witch!

Bob - "How's your head?" Elvira - "I haven't had any complaints yet."

Elvira is a great character and it gives something for everyone. I think it’s quite obvious why the guys like her but girls can find a lot to love there as well. Elvira is sexy, funny and strong. She doesn’t need to be rescued and can hold her own very well. I can’t say I’d be happy to let my own daughter run around dressed like that but at least Elvira can be sexy without being stupid. It’s hard not to enjoy this campy film and even though Elvira’s jokes are older than the movies she showed on Movie Macabre, it only adds to the fun of the film. She’s campy and over the top and absolutely hilarious.

Everything that happens in the flick is pretty obvious from the start. There will be lots of boob related jokes, horny teens drooling over her and the obvious townspeople that hate her but come to love her. You won’t have any trouble seeing where the film is going but you’ll have a good time getting there and that’s all that matters. I didn’t realize that there had been another Elvira movie in 2001, Haunted Hills I believe it was called, but I did pick it up and I think it’ll be the perfect cap to the final day of summer so look for that review tomorrow as you pack up the little ones and get them ready for school. Or look for it when you’re still trying to recover from that long weekend hangover before you head into work!

Under the marquee – Will

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  1. Eric says:

    Ahhh more memories of our campy buxom goddess of the dark. Damn dude you must’ve been on a serious nostalgia throwback to watch Elvira again. :p

  2. FRC Ruben says:

    <3 Elvira — so faboo

    here's mine (one of my firsts). I’d do anything for that woman.

  3. I do love some Elvira so I’m hyped up to hear that she’ll be back on the air very soon.

  4. mcarteratthemovies says:

    Thank you! You just reminded me how much I used to love this awful-awesome movie, and it’s next up in my TTC series!

  5. HAHA! This one really is fitting of the TTC treatment!

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