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A cop searching for his wifes killer in a futuristic Paris, winds up in a high tech lab where research is underway on a piece of stolen technology.

Directed by – Julien Leclercq

Written by – Julien Leclercq, Franck Philippon, Nicolas Peufaillit, Aude Py

Starring – Albert Dupontel, Marie Guillard, Marthe Keller, Melanie Thierry, Claude Perron, Alain Figlarz, Smadi Wolfman, Patrick Bauchau, Guy Lecluyse, Cyril Lecomte, Francis Renaud, Manon Chevallier, Estelle Lefebure

I always love the bargain bin of the local Zellers since it lets me pick up movies like this for really cheap. This one isn’t exactly the greatest movie ever made but for 10 bucks I wasn’t complaining. I won’t even bother going into the plot beyond this one point, the machine in question is used to restore, or remove, memories from people. It wasn’t too hard to see what was coming in this one so revealing anything else would totally ruin it.

While I wasn’t surprised at what was going to happen, it at least was exciting to watch. Since it’s set in the near future, everything has a familiar yet futuristic vibe to it. The set design was great and the film has a very dark tone and quality to it. There’s also a few great fight scenes that hit hard. The kind of fight that makes you feel the punches. They were well done in my opinion and fun to watch.

The fight scenes have a quick, clinical feel to them, much like the rest of the film.

While the movie was enjoyable and was interesting to look at, the plot of the movie was way too predictable. From the first moment till the very end, I always knew what was coming. It’s too bad because this could have been an amazing movie. The acting is well done, it looks great and it’s got an interesting concept but it just doesn’t deliver on its surprises. When the film starts you’re basically watching two separate stories and they eventually connect. It’s nice that they work together but the connection seemed a little over the top for me and even when they come together, the two stories are so different that they almost don’t fit.

It's no surprise what's going on here and that's a bit disappointing.

This flick falls into the ‘okay’ category. I wouldn’t start raving to my friends about it but I think it was worth the price I paid for it. It’s got a great style to it and the fight scenes were well done, and also a surprise, and they help to make a better film. The actors are convincing in their roles and everyone does a great job. It’s the story that leaves me wanting more. I know I’ve seen this idea somewhere else, maybe not to the same degree but it seems very familiar. On top of that, it doesn’t offer any surprise so any tension or suspense that might be generated is gone. If you can find it on the cheap I would recommend picking it up. It’s a nice addition to my collection and it’s still better than probably half the flicks I have.

Under the marquee – Will

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  1. My DVD rental subscription has this to watch online for free; maybe I will take a look when I have nothing better to do.

  2. Cello says:

    Wow, nice! Never heard of this one, ill have to ive it a watch now!

  3. hagiblog says:

    Hey Fandango, for free you can’t miss it! Not a bad little flick but I was disappointed that it was so predictable.

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