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Getting fired from his job is just the start of Cooper’s bad day. After an ear-piercing sound causes him to pass out, he wakes up in a cocoon and finds the world taken over by insects. He wakes some other people up and they begin the fight for survival.

Written and Directed by – Kyle Rankin

Starring – Chris Marquette, Brooke Nevin, Kinsey Packard, E. Quincy Sloan, Wesley Thompson, Linda Park, Deborah Geffner, Jim Cody Williams, Bru Muller, Ismael Carlo, Diane Gaeta, Ray Wise, Atanas Srebrev, Vlado Mihailov, Mike Straub, Todd Jenson, Dale R. Simonton, Rhoades Rader, Efram Potelle, Daniela Tonova, VJ Kewl

It was inevitable. After watching so many great movies to start out this year I finally hit one that was just mediocre. There were a few stand out parts in this one but as a whole it just didn’t blow me away. Maybe I was still a little bitter about missing both Sherlock Holmes and Daybreakers yesterday. Infestation isn’t a bad flick but it doesn’t really excel in any category to put it over the top. Funny how it’s got a much higher IMDB rating than Smash Cut which I saw the night before and enjoyed much more than this one.

What it does have going for it is some impressive effects and a great lead actor in Chris Marquette as Cooper. He plays a slacker who really is trying. Once the world is infested with insects, he steps up to take charge. It works so well because his character doesn’t become the instant hero of the movie. He’s still full of doubt and still makes mistakes but it’s his mission to stop being the slacker and to do something greater with his life that puts him into the leader role.

Cooper leads some survivors towards his house where his Dad has a bomb shelter waiting.

The moment that elevated the movie boring movie of the week to a more enjoyable viewing experience was some of the effects. The bugs look pretty good but people vs giant bugs wasn’t cutting it for me. Maybe around halfway through the movie they stop at one of the survivors relatives house only to find a giant man-spider thing collecting webbed up bodies and putting them in a pile. Whenever someone gets stung by the insects, this is the end result. That’s when my eyes opened a little more. These guys looked creepy with spider legs sticking out the sides of their bodies causing their actual legs to bend up and behind them. It was very cool looking and I was impressed.

Not exactly the Spider-man I was thinking of.

There’s some comedy to be found but it never struck me as very funny. The few moments that I did laugh involved Coopers Dad. He’s a grizzled war vet who has a very big soft spot for dogs, which is only going to get him in trouble obviously. When the family dog returns to their house, now as a spider, you can see his Dad hurting. So he does what anyone would do in that situation, throws the dog it’s squeaky toy. It got a laugh out of me at least. While the movie wasn’t bad, the ending kind of pissed me off. It’s so vague that I wasn’t sure if it was a setup for a sequel or an ominous, dark ending where there’s nothing but trouble for the remaining survivors. I assume that it spells trouble but it’s alot like the end of Sopranos. Instant cut to black and you go ‘What the hell?’. It did not leave me happy.

Overall a very generic film with a few moments that stood out. Nothing to write home about and I would recommend it if you have nothing else to do one night. If you really hate bugs though, this may just give you the creepy crawlies enough to enjoy it more than I did.

Under the marquee – Will

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