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A cute Christmas gift turns out to be more trouble than imagined when some very important rules are broken.

Directed by – Joe Dante

Written by – Chris Columbus

Starring – Hoyt Axton, John Louie, Keye Luke, Don Steele, Scott Brady, Arnie Moore, Corey Feldman, Harry Carey Jr., Zach Galligan, Dick Miller, Phoebe Cates, Polly Holliday

After realizing that Gremlins is indeed a Christmas movie I knew that I had to watch it. My daughter was also all for it stating how she’d seen it every time she went to her cousin’s house. Apparently they only watch the parts involving Gizmo so she took off when Spike and the gang showed up. Man, how can you miss the best parts!

I remember watching this movie as a kid and it’s been years and years since I’ve seen it but I realized a few things. Gremlins is still an amazing movie and I still have a huge crush on Phoebe Cates! There was even a few parts that I had forgotten about, like Mrs. Deagle’s very fast trip up the stairs and out the window in her electric stair chair. Of course there’s the memorable bar scene, the theater scene with all the Gremlins (which I had also forgotten about) and the awesome final scene with the showdown between Spike and Billy.

When the old dude with the pipe tells you not to do something, that means don't do it!

Now this is the kind of comedy I can really enjoy, dark and twisted. Even the story of a father being trapped in a chimney and dying while pretending to be Santa has a sick humour to it in Gremlins. Too bad that Gremlins 2 went way over the top with its humour. Not to say that this film is just full of laughs, there’s some pretty good jump scares and some pretty gross parts as well. When the Gremlins hatch from their cocoons, which is eerily similar to the film that Billy and Gizmo were watching on TV the night before it all happens, it’s full of all manner of goop, gross and growls. When Billy’s Mom finds them in the kitchen and begins to make quite the meal out of a few of them there’s enough splatter to satisfy the horror hound in me. It’s the perfect blend of comedy and gore.

Here's what the kids were looking for, me, I prefer the green guys!

Of course, Gremlins didn’t warm my heart in quite the same way that A Christmas Story did but it will still become a welcome addition to my holiday viewing from now on. How I missed that this was really so much about Christmas is beyond me. A great classic film with perfect dark humour and a few slimy deaths to please everyone. How could you not love this one!

Under the mistletoe – Will

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4 Responses to Gremlins – Film Reel Reviews

  1. mcarteratthemovies says:

    My third-grade teacher played the audiobook for “Gremlins” and it traumatized me for life. I had nightmares. Never watched the movies, and when the Furbie mania seized the American public I spent many uncomfortable months waiting for those Gizmo wannabes to disappear. True story.

  2. hagiblog says:

    Awwww, it’s not really that scary. Well, probably to a younger kid it may be. My daughter wasn’t having any of it after the bad Gremlins came along. I even remember having some Gremlins toys myself as a kid. I had a rubber Gizmo that I took with me everywhere.

  3. Heather says:

    M.Carter the last part of the movie ruined my entire childhood. The warning to look in your closest, under your bed, or in a washing machine, cuz there might be a Gremlin in your house! AHHHHHHHHHH! Utter torture. I became an insomniac immediately after.

    Every time I hear “Do you hear what I hear?” I think of this movie. It’s so incredibly taunting! Dark dark dark humor. I love every second of it. The kills are great too, the microwave death and the mixer death! Awesomeness, and the theatre.

    This is probably one of my favorite movies of all time.

  4. hagiblog says:

    Man, what was wrong with my childhood that I actually looked in my closet, under my bed and in the washing machine TRYING to find Gremlins! HAHAHA!

    This is ranking way up there in my favorite movies but it took this refresher viewing to remind me.

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