Small Town Folk

When a couple and a nature loving teen stumble into a patch of land called Grockleton they find the residents there don’t really like to let visitors leave.

Directed by – Peter Stanley-Ward

Written by – Natalie Conway, Chris Musselwhite, Dan Palmer, Peter Stanley-Ward, Chris R. Wright

Starring – Chris R. Wright, Warwick Davis, Dan Palmer, Simon Stanley-Ward, Greg Martin, Hannah Flint, Howard Lew Lewis, Jon Nicholas, Ben Richards, James Ford, Sophie Rundle, Tamaryn Payne, Chris Musselwhite, Peter Stanley-Ward, Harrison Hawker

I’m gonna start by saying that I really wanted to like this movie. It’s obvious (painfully so) that it’s an uber low budget flick written, directed and starring some people who love film. But no matter how hard I tried I just didn’t like it. The writing was corny and the effects are terrible. The story is mediocre and the acting was pretty bad. I’ll give them credit that the characters are interesting even if the acting is below standards and some of the props are awesome. It’s just too bad that can’t make a movie good.

I think that this movie is just trying beyond it’s means. There’s lots of ways to make a great low budget movie and I’m sure the first one is to avoid effects that are too ambitious. Blowing up a house isn’t something you should be doing with 20 bucks.

Honestly, I don’t want to hate on this movie. If I had the equipment I’m sure I’d be making the same bad horror movie. However, as a viewer I’ve got to say that I was not enjoying this one at all. There’s promise there and I hope everyone continues to make more films. Practice makes perfect right?

Under the marquee – Will

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2 Responses to Small Town Folk

  1. Heather says:

    I get the overall feeling of “Meh” from this. It didn’t seem like it was worth your energy to like or dislike it. That’s actually amusing.

  2. hagiblog says:

    HAHA! Meh sums it up pretty well actually. I just hate bashing indie directors since they’re the ones who are pushing boundaries. I’ll have to fall back on my old saying. At least it wasn’t as bad as that Britney Spears movie I saw.

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